Safety Granny Dating Tips for Granny Women on Granny Sites

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Nowadays, there are granny sites that primarily cater to the needs of granny women who are looking for people to date. While granny dating can be helpful for these women in many instances, we cannot but consider the dangers involved in a few cases. Therefore, granny women must be careful when looking for a granny dating on granny sites.

In view of the potential dangers of granny dating, here are a few things granny women should do when looking for a date on granny sites:

Always use only trusted and quality sites

Of course, trusted and quality granny sites want to protect their names; hence, they invest so much time and effort into ensuring the safety of their users. Therefore, you should only opt for such quality sites that prioritize your safety.

Do not give away too much information about yourself

Meeting people on granny sites can be exciting and fun-filled. However, you must not allow the excitement to get into your head by giving away too much information about yourself. Unless you have met a couple of times and trust the person to an extent, keep the sets of information that are personal to yourself.

Fact-check anyone you want to date

Although granny sites might have done their jobs in verifying users, you must also do your part by fact-checking. Take your time to have a background check of anyone you have met online through different platforms. Verify their images whether they are truly the person or not. If you notice any suspicious thing about them during your fact-check, do not hesitate to avoid them. Also, granny women should learn to notice the signs of someone who is faking an online persona. This will help them detect any unscrupulous activities by a potential date.

Use a Google voice number

There have been many cases of cellular harassment because matches didn’t work out on granny sites. Therefore, you need to avoid this by calling your date with a Google voice number. By using this special number, you do not have to give out your phone number and people will not be able to trace you with the number. Also, Google voice numbers also allow users to block anybody with ease. Therefore, using a Google voice number ensures your safety even if things should go wrong with your granny dating.

Have phone conversation before having the first date

Well, granny dating works like other forms of dating. So, you need to learn more about your potential date before going on the first date. Granny women should understand that phone calls can reveal some verbal cues that you may not notice via texts.

Video chat before the date

Google Hangout, FaceTime, Skype, and other apps have made it easy for you to video chat even before meeting them. Video chat affords you the opportunity to find out whether your potential date is who they say they really are. It also allows you to know if you want to take the granny dating to a physical meeting or not.

Make sure someone knows about your date

Many granny women hide their dates from family and friends for different reasons. Nevertheless, this puts them at risk of being scammed or harmed by some predators. So, before going on any dates, make sure that some people know about your date. Provide such people with important details of your date. Some of the details you should provide include the name of your date, the address of your meeting place, the time of the meeting, or pictures of your date. Similarly, give them a particular time to check in on you during or after the date. Not only will this ensure that you are safe during the date, but it also gives information about where and when to look for you if something happens.

Do not allow your granny date to pick you up for the date

When granny women are going on the first date, they should avoid being picked up at home by their date. By picking you up at home or office, the person would have known where you stay and this may be unsafe if the date doesn’t go well. Go to the venue yourself and stay safe.

Have a date in a public place

Well, this goes without a saying for all kinds of online dating and granny dating is not an exemption. When seeing someone you have just met on granny sites for the first few times, it is safer to meet up in a public place. A café, restaurant, bar, park, or other public places will be great for the first and second dates.

Go with pepper spray

You never can tell what will happen before, during or after a date. Therefore, you should be prepared for the worst by always having a pepper spray at your disposal. In addition, make sure that you understand how to use pepper spray.

Do not drink too much

Granny women should go easy on the alcohol when doing granny dating. Taking too much booze is neither good for you nor your date. Too much alcohol can affect your choices and make you vulnerable to different vices. To enjoy your date and stay safe from any forms of danger, avoid taking alcohol altogether if possible.

Do not allow your date to walk you home on your first date

Perhaps you have enjoyed your first date after meeting outside of the granny site; do not get carried away in the euphoria. By allowing your date to walk you home, such a person will know your residence and this may not be helpful at this stage. Even if your date wants to walk home, politely turn down the offer.

Now that you have known the safety granny dating tips for granny women, you should be able to navigate various granny sites without exposing yourself to any danger. You must always remember that your safety is the first and most important thing.