What Should SSBBW Granny Do to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle?

ssbbw granny

Do you have a nice big attractive body? You're a little advanced in age? Then we welcome you into the SSBBW (super-sized big, beautiful woman) Granny club. This body type is almost the opposite of the conventional young and slim. However, this still reels in a new onslaught of appeal.

If anything, over the recent years, the attraction of older women has been on a steady trend; there are many young and elderly men that want a slice of granny dating. That means you are on a steady trend. Do you want to take advantage of that and use it to date the man of your dreams? Or you wish to rekindle an active sex life?

Whether it's Romeo you're looking for or a little Christian Gray, if you don't maintain a healthy lifestyle it is easy for your weight and your age to backfire on you.

Now, the real question is how to walk the tightrope of staying in that SSBBW granny top form. It might seem daunting at first, but if you follow these guidelines you should be more than okay.

Understand Your Body

Let's face it, you're not as young and your body is not what it used to be. Simple tasks like tying your shoelaces can cause severe back pain. Not to mention something as demanding as sex.

For SSBBW grannies, it might prove even more problematic due to the various health problems that arise when your weight is on the plus side. The majority of these health problems have direct effects on your sex life. But before you begin to think there's nothing you can do, here are some guidelines on what to manage:

The Heart: A large body means your heart has to pump harder for more blood supply. This can cause high blood pressure if not properly managed. A healthy heart is maintained by regular exercise and a good diet. While you may love your KFC and fries, spinach, kale, berries, and fruits like avocados are necessary to keep the most important organ in your body functioning. Leafy vegetables are known to have minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that decrease the risk of heart disease.

Because arteries are narrow and harder, blood often does not flow freely. This can cause longer arousal time and slow orgasms if you are climaxing at all. Speak to your doctor about your sexual activity and your observations.

The Skin: If you look in the mirror and you see your skin sagging or wrinkly, these are clear signs of age catching up with you. In some cases, this may take away the 'beautiful' from your SSBBW. Avoid smoking as it has an adverse effect on your skin and contributes to skin damage as well as leaving your skin dry and discolored.

You should also be proactive and protect your skin from the sun. Sunny day? Use a parasol. Beach day? Use some sunscreen. Exfoliate when you can and use some skin-firming skin lotion. All these preventive steps also reduce the chances of skin cancer.

The Vagina: Natural lubrication of the vagina reduces as you age and the walls become brittle and dry. These can cause penetration to be painful. It is advisable for you to get some lubricating jelly or lubricated condoms. For the relatively young SSBBW granny, hot flashes may occur a lot. Weight contributes to the frequency and severity of hot flashes. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, spicy food and try to quit smoking.

The Bones: Elderly people naturally develop brittle bones. You might want to tone down your sexual acrobatics to something that will not result in broken bones. Not just sex, but you should also be careful when being physically adventurous.

Joint pain caused by arthritis can also make sex uncomfortable and seriously hamper your satisfaction. Exercise, drugs and joint replacement surgery can alleviate some of this pain. You could also take warm baths, good rest and choose the right time for your sexual activity to help you with the curses of arthritis.

The Brain: Many complications may occur in the brain including age-inclined problems like dementia. While there is no cure for progressive dementia or loss of memory, talking with your doctor, nurse or social worker with training in managing dementia can prove to be helpful.

The Bladder: You do not want an embarrassing situation of leaking on your partner during a satisfying session. If you have incontinence you should avoid putting pressure on your belly and choose positions that will favor your bladder. You can also try emptying your bladder before having sex. Luckily, there is effective medication for this so you should speak with your doctor.

Establish a Healthy Routine

Curing problems as they come up is not only an expensive way to maintain your health, but it is also very risky. Some problems have a characteristic of hiding until it is far too late.

There are many things you can add to your routine to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

Exercise: Healthy exercise prevents many heart, muscle, and joint-related diseases and problems. A very good way to begin exercise is by walking. Walking is inexpensive and easy to build consistency. This will improve your lower body and have your hips and legs round into very attractive curves.

Biking is another excellent exercise you can fit into your routine as an alternative to walking. It helps build your lower and upper body and doesn't put so much stress on your joints.

Biking is another excellent exercise you can fit into your routine as an alternative to walking. It helps build your lower and upper body and doesn't put so much stress on your joints.

Get a social support system that would aid you in keeping up with an exercise routine. If you get a group of people to remind you when you're missing out on exercise, it will keep you inspired. Good Diet: A combination of exercise and a good diet would certainly keep you looking SSBBW even if your age is at triple-digit.

There are many meals that are calorie-friendly and nutrient-rich. Foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, boiled potatoes, and vegetables.

Avoid over-processed food and lean more towards eating natural food as you want to look big and beautiful not obese and awkward. Over processed food makes you eat more without your body knowing when to stop. Eating a baked potato is better than eating fries; drinking milk is better than ice cream; drinking water is better than soda.

Fat but Fit

It is possible to be plus-sized and still be fit and that is what every SSBBW granny should aim for. A well-rounded meal and regular exercise would keep you healthy even when you weigh more than 200lbs.

Some skinny person sitting on a couch somewhere eating sugared donuts and drinking Coca-Cola would probably carry the silly assumption that they are healthy because they do not gain weight from all the junk they eat and their lack of exercise. But don't allow that to deceive you, if you follow the guidelines above you can be that fit SSBBW granny you want to be.